Super Bowl 2021 NFL live stream: How to watch the game online for free and without commercials

Here’s how to watch a free Super Bowl live stream online from anywhere in the world.

It’s Super Bowl time and the battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2021 is on. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers and below you’ll find all the information you need on how to watch Super Bowl 2021 live in 4K, on what channel or find a Super Bowl live stream, wherever you are in the world.

The first and most crucial piece of information is the Super Bowl kick-off time and that’s at 6.30pm EST, 5.30pm CST, 3.30pm PST on Sunday 2nd February for those in the States, and at 11.30pm for the UK. Elsewhere, it’s 3rd February at 0.30am CET for Europe and 7.30am for Australia. Set your stopwatches, mark the date in the calendar and, if you’re not in the US, lay down the ground work for your sickie.

If, like us, you’d like to watch a live stream online without any commercial breaks, then following these three simple steps will help:

  1. Go to page.
  2. Please try to choose NFL Schedule tab above.
  3. Click on “Watch” button next to 49ers @ Chiefs.