Corporate Responsibility

The information provided on the Website, comes from external sources to Volokit2 servers. The Website does not create, modify or store any content that can be found on the Website. The sources provide multimedia content available to all users who use the net and Volokit simply acts as a search engine.

In any case, as mentioned above, the multimedia data belonged, or belong to Volokit or have been modified. Not being within Volokit servers or belonging to the website, before making any claims about the content provided on the Website, make sure the content you want to claim is actually in Volokit servers.

To effectively claim against the data contained in the Website, and to better protect their rights, proceed directly against the owner of the server that stores and publishes controversial content. The most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek removal from the host that is responsible for the content. This in turn, will remove the content from Volokit and any other search engines that may have indexed the content.


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